• Join us for these amazing benefits.

    Giving your skin a fair and brighten look throughout the day

    Whitening 24hrs Series

    RM 638

    AM 24hrs Hydrating Essence 35ml

    AM Belree Hydrating Night Cream 20gm

    AM Belree Protective Day Cream 20gm

    Leaving your skin brighten is not enough, glowing skin do matter

    Whitening & Shine Series

    RM 699

    AM Miracle Essence 30ml

    AM Miracle Cream 20gm

    AM 36K Ampoules Gold Glow Mask 7 x 6gm

    Living in a tropical climate we just need a products that give us the fair looking skin

    Whitening Starter Series

    RM 393

    AM 3in1 Cleasning Milk 155ml

    AM Lightening Toner 155ml

    AM Rose Flower Crystal Ice Mask 120gm

  • Suitable for normal skin type. Balancing and glowing skin

    RM 666

    AM Mini 3in1 Cleansing Milk 35gm
    AM Mini Lightening Toner 35gm
    AM BB Crystal Cactus Ampoules 1 box
    AM Lightening Renew 1 bottle
    AM Mini Balancing Cream 18ml
    AM Mini Rosy Yogurt 50gm
    Belree Mini Protective Day Cream 3gm
    Canos Dermthread Diva 4 pair bottles
    Suitable for acne problem. Improving skin with acne issues

    RM 666

    AM 3 in 1 Cleansing Milk 155ml
    AM Purifying Toner 155ml
    AM I Essence 35ml
    Belree Proective Day Cream 20gm
    Canos Rosy Yogurt 50gm
    Suitable for sensitive skin. Help to improve skin sensitivity

    RM 666

    AM Bio Hydrating Ampoules 1 box
    AM Balancing Cream 35gm
    Belree Protective Day Cream 20gm