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    AM Professional Skin Care company is established in 1998, through our research and development (R&D) center located in Switzerland.


    AM Skin Care joined forces with another Korean R&D center to diversify, globalize, and to enhance the business especially here in Asia.


    Together BELREE and CANOS range of Skin Care formes AM Skin Care range of skin treatment for various skin problems, to advance our award-winning treatment system targeting skin whitening and dark spot solutions.


    Our mission is to help you solve skin concerns to gain smooth, clear and brightened skin.








    Targetting a Modern & Active Lifestyle

    Should I apply moisturiser daily?

    Applying moisturiser is the key to healthy and glowing skin no matter your age or skin type.


    It is best to apply when skin still damp because it absorbs the moisture and locks it in for a longer time. Always apply moisturisers on a clean face.

    Why using a sunblock should be your daily morning beauty routine?

    It can help to protect skin from skin cancer and premature aging.


    Even when you are indoor, it should not be skipped as the light coming from the window or your smartphones or tablet or television etc. may increases the inflammation on the skin too.

    How often do I need to apply a face mask?

    You can do it on a daily basis because it can boost your skin's hydration level especially those hydration masks.


    Occasionally, you can use a functional mask to target skin concerns. Using it in the day or night depending on your schedule and you definitely see the glowing skin if consistent with your routine.

    Problem with acne-prone skin

    Caring for acne-prone skin is not about slathering the products on your skin but your lifestyles too affect the acne that just won't go away.


    Thus, whether you have persistent acne, blemishes or occasionally breakout, it is important to choose the right products that not only helps to treat your existing problem but to prevent further imperfections.

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